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StrongerThruCancer strives to offer people in cancer or recovery a supportive community, carefully structured health and wellness routines, and mindfulness activities to improve body, mind and overall health.


StrongerThruCancer is a health and wellness program for people who are fighting cancer or recovering from cancer.  Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, or you’re 5 years out from treatment, you know that a regular commitment to your health and wellness can aid in recovery and response to treatment, and possibly prevent recurrence of disease.

A monthly StrongerThruCancer membership gives you access to:

  • Live weekly classes, from strength and resistance training to yoga
  • Live nurturing self-care classes each week offering meditation and mindfulness activities
  • Hundreds of recorded classes to fit into your busy schedule
  • Low impact workouts designed for little or no equipment, in the safety of your own home
  • A community of support going through similar struggles and triumphs

All classes are carefully created by Priscilla Fitzpatrick, Cancer Exercise Specialist, E-RYT, and Livestrong Certified instructor, who has a combined 16 years of experience working with cancer and fitness. In addition, you will interact with a community of people who will provide you with the love and support you need to deal with this diagnosis or its after-effects.

Once registered, members can participate in customized programs for a range of physical abilities while being cognizant of cancer side effects including lymphedema, neuropathy, “chemo brain”, fatigue and more. In addition to the live classes, there are on demand videos to fit into your schedule, as well as resources and workshops to come!

You may feel powerless, but with StrongerThruCancer, we believe you’re more powerful than you know.

And you are not alone.

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    With Priscilla’s empathy, encouragement and expertise you will absolutely get stronger through cancer, I sure did!

    “I met Priscilla after completing my cancer treatment. I wanted and needed to feel like myself again, and she was instrumental in starting me on the path towards not only getting there, but to a better version of myself.
    Priscilla has more than compassion for those who have or had cancer, she has an intimate understanding of the many challenges one faces before, during and afterwards because she has also traveled down the same path.
    She knows that your emotional well-being is just as, if not more so, important as your physical well-being, and instinctively knows when and how to help the whole you. Whether it’s through yoga to calm your soul, easing you into techniques to build your stamina, introducing you to healthier food alternatives or shared tears and contagious laughter Priscilla provides that and so much more. She genuinely cares about the total wellness of others.
    With Priscilla’s empathy, encouragement and expertise you will absolutely get stronger through cancer, I sure did!”

    Sarina, 54, Colon Cancer


Q: What if I can’t do the exercises?

A: There’s something for everyone at every level to meet you where you are. Depending on how you feel on any given day you will have live classes to choose from, ranging from 30 minute Level 1 classes (for when you’re just starting out or not feeling as strong) to 45 minutes Level 2 classes(for when you’re feeling stronger), to mindfulness activities (for when your anxiety is kicking your butt). There’s also a library of videos to choose from that you can do at any time you want. You decide to participate as little or as much as you feel up to on any given day. This is a judgment free membership.

Q: Do I need specific equipment?

A: No. The classes are created for at-home workouts using little or no equipment. However, you might want to purchase some light hand weights or resistance bands as you get stronger and gain more stamina. Most of these can be purchased very inexpensively off of Amazon.

Q: I’m not into support groups, why would I want to do this?

A: This isn’t a support group, this is a support fitness program for your body and your mind. You will get stronger and gain stamina just by doing the classes, but you will also have the support of people going through many of the same struggles as you. You never have to be on video or the chats if you don’t want to. You get all the support without any of the visibility.

Q: I need someone to push me and hold me accountable if I don’t show up. How would taking classes on-line do that for me?

A: From the moment you join and become a Stronger Member you will have me encouraging you. I will do regular check-ins and more frequent ones if necessary. Don’t worry, I can be very persistent.

Q: $50 a month is hard for me but I really need this. Do you offer any financial assistance?

A: Not yet, but that is a very real goal in the future. You may consider asking your employer or health insurance provider if they would assist you with this.