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StrongerThruCancer is a Philadelphia based, nationally accessible exercise program for people with cancer. Membership gives you access to weekly live zoom classes, as well as an on-demand video library of 300 + classes, that help build strength, stamina, and flexibility, and combat cancer-related anxiety and stress. Classes are designed by a Cancer Fitness Instructor and Cancer Exercise Specialist with cancer side-effects in mind. Whether you are actively fighting cancer, living with metastatic cancer or recovering, dealing with cancer requires self-care…and now you can access it from anywhere.

Classes created for your body

Classes for Your Body

Classes created for your mind

Classes for Your Mind

Classes created for your heart

Classes for Your Heart


WHAT YOUR MEMBERSHIP GIVES YOU - weekly Live classes through Zoom, access to over 300+ recorded classes; cancer related resources, a members blog, community and so much more

Classes for Your Body

All classes are carefully instructed by Priscilla Fitzpatrick, who is a cancer survivor herself, as well as a Cancer Exercise Specialist through ACE, a Group Exercise Instructor through ACE, an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor through the National Yoga Alliance, and a Cancer and Fitness Instructor through the Livestrong Foundation in alliance with the YMCA


Some classes can be done in a chair, for when you’re just starting exercise, or days when you’re feeling more fatigued: Seated Strength, Chair Yoga

Some classes are more challenging: Stronger Circuit, Resistance, or Gentle Yoga

Some classes require you to get up and down off the floor: Gentle Yoga

Classes for gaining stability using a chair or the wall: Working with Balance

post-menopausal woman post cancer journey exercising

Strength Classes

Strength classes are designed to help build back your strength. Using standard strength training movements, some light weights and our own will, we will get stronger, together.

*Classes may increase in difficulty over time.

man using bands for resistance training

Resistance Classes

Resistance classes use your own body resistance to make simple movements have more impact. When done repeatedly, the results will be surprising.

Live Virtual Yoga Class with Stronger than Cancer Membership

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are offered with two users in mind: Gentle yoga and traditional yoga are for those who have experience with yoga or have no difficulty getting up and down from the floor. Chair yoga is offered for those who enjoy the benefits of yoga from the safety of a chair.

* A yoga mat is required for both Gentle and traditional Yoga only

Classes for Your Mind and Heart


Guided with soft music and breathwork, you will learn how to quiet the mind using your breath


Writing through “brain dumps” using prompts and readings meant to help you process negative or difficult feelings and shift your mindset

Mindfulness Activities

Use visualization and manifestation to help move you towards the best version of yourself

Group share/supports

Call on this community to support you in what you need. This is meant to be a safe place where you should feel comfortable sharing or not sharing

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