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Longtime member Lynda

I want to thank Priscilla and this wonderful community for being my lifeline on this journey.  My strength, balance, and flexibility have improved not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.  The opportunity to share with others who "get it" has been...

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Rose recommends it!

There is no other thing that I have done for wellness related to my MBC diagnosis that has come close to the benefits that I have received from being a Stronger thru Cancer member.   Participating in class is the highlight of my day and if I miss a class, I try...

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Nancy B’s Journey

Priscilla has a warm compassionate personality and understands the difficult journey of cancer patients and exercise. In the beginning, it was a challenge to do the workouts because I wasn’t always feeling well, but Priscilla brought a positive energy to the group...

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Doreen’s Journey

StrongerThuCancer, has been an excellent program for me mentally and physically. I am undergoing radiation and chemo which has been difficult, but with the program, it has been gentle enough for my physical workout and mentally stimulating to give me hope. At first, I...

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Nancy P’s Journey

Priscilla is inspiring & motivating and keeps me wanting to continue exercise. I have taken exercise and mindfulness classes with Priscilla throughout my breast cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments & radiation. Each time I exercise with Priscilla I...

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