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Crystal’s Journey

Apr 10, 2023Success Stories

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It taught me how to work and overcome some challenges. I have gotten mental, physical and social strength from the group. The friendships I have gained are priceless. When I first joined my mind was set to not talking to anyone …well that did not work. Priscilla is so giving, the care just spread into the whole group! The program is real !!!! Quality of life is improved, activity has improved and state of mind has improved. The program has made me realize no matter how you feel; weak, sad, tired, in pain, KEEP MOVING. A small or little movement is beneficial. That small or little movement will energize your mind and body. Being in the group will give you needed support. I know because I’m the do it myself type. Participating made me realize togetherness is the best way to keep moving and that equals long healthy life.

— Crystal, 52, Breast Cancer