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Leslee’s Journey

Apr 10, 2023Success Stories

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In July 2019, after 24 years of normal mammograms, I received the devastating diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. I have always been a very active person and proactive about my health. However, after a year and a half of unsuccessful treatments, followed by a difficult but successful clinical trial,  I was not the same woman. I had suffered major weight loss, muscle atrophy, and fatigue. Then Unite For Her introduced me to Stronger Through Cancer. I have participated in Yoga, strength classes, empowerment classes, and “coffee talks”. Thanks to the live classes or the option of doing taped classes at my own convenience, I am so much stronger and feeling more like my former self. The unexpected benefit has been the women I have met. Brief chats before and after class, as well as “Thursday morning coffee time”,  has provided a wonderful connection to other women with cancer. I have gained valuable information useful in navigating this journey. Priscilla is a gem. She is full of compassion and empathy and  includes modifications in class to “meet you where you are”. From the first day I met Priscilla I have felt understood and cared for. Stronger Thru Cancer gives you exactly what its name implies…….STRENGTH, physical and emotional, to fight this fight. I feel so blessed to have Priscilla in my life.

Leslee Taylor-Godshalk, Metastatic Breast Cancer